EADS Thinkbank Strategy

Strategy for knowledge sharing

EADS Thinkbank Concept

The new EADS Thinkbank website and interactive touchpoints help customers and employees to learn, comment and share innovations.
Variate Labs worked with EADS and The Imperial Trading Company to design the user experience for the new EADS Thinkbank website. In addition to designing the new web user experience, Variate created concept designs for new interactive physical touchpoints at both EADS corporate locations as well as public venues. These additional touchpoints are designed to showcase content from EADS Thinkbank as well as site specific content.


Expanding Universe of Ideas

The intro of the web experience eludes to an expanding world of content. An animation sets up the experience and transitions into the interactive website.


Individual Innovations

A web user can navigate to specific innovation pages and learn in more detail. Users can view videos about each innovation and share individual innovations with friends.


Idea Forum

At any time a web user can make comments on individual innovations or in the Idea Forum using facebook connect. All comments made on the website will also be shown in Facebook.


Universal EADS Innovation Feed

As part of this project we proposed creating a universal feed leveraging the Twitter platform to share the same set of innovations across multiple media touchpoints.


Interactive Touchpoints

As part of this project, Variate designed a number of physical touchpoints that enable EADS Innovations to be viewed at many different venues. These included a new interactive “bulletin board” at the EADS campus in Munich and Paris, interactive signage at EADS conference centers, an interactive exhibit booth at tradeshows to learn about product innovations and a series of freestanding traveling displays that could be deployed at public venues.