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One of today’s visionary thought leaders in interactive architecture and user experience, Miles has worked on over a hundred projects spanning robotics, architecture, products, vehicles, user experience, software development and video game design. In the past, he has worked with many clients, including ABC, BMW, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft, Samsung, Target, Time Warner and many others.

Miles Kemp

CEO, User Experience, Visual Design, Products, Architecture, Startups

Over 15 years experience on both sides of the creative/technology divide, Andrew has worked on a variety of interactive projects managing international teams of up to 40 people. With a rare mix of creative and technical skills, Andrew has worked on projects for Google, Target, Adobe, Sony Playstation, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Disney and many other companies.

Andrew Keegan

Emerging Technology, Product Development, Development Planning

Amiee is a versatile UX designer who utilizes a varied skill set to design innovative interactive experiences. Her background in architecture, visual design, and web design lend her the insight and ability to understand how complex systems work. Over the years, Amiee has worked on a number of research projects which have greatly impacted the future of multiple companies and museums.

Amiee Lee

User Experience Design, Visual Design, Product, Architecture

With 12 years of experience developing world-class applications and enterprise solutions, Marvin is a specialist in Microsoft Development and Products, software architecture, C#, Silverlight, WCF, WPF, .NET Framework, OOP, ASP.NET MVC, RFID, Expression Blend, SQL Server, T-SQL, TFS, LINQ, WinRT, touch-based interaction and natural user interface development.

Marvin Varela

Software Development, Development Planning, Microsoft Software Systems

As the founder of Curious Catalyst, Kaz solves larger cross-disciplinary problems by applying agile methodologies to urban challenges. Most-recently focused on cloud computing, Kaz brings a unique creative perspective to her strategy work, combining a user-centered design approach with film, print, broadcast, branding and cross-media platforms for clients ranging from Disney to Microsoft.

Kaz Brecher

Social Media Strategy, Urban Design, Content Planning, Project Planning

Steven runs a Venice firm that specializes in warm, modern, high-end, custom homes. Projects range from remodels to new ground-up homes; paying particular attention to maintaining a strong relationship of budget and practicality. While budgets vary, each project is treated as a complex puzzle with a perfect solution resulting in a humanistic, clean, simple, and satisfying environment.

Steven Guban

Licensed Architect, Contractor, Cutting Edge Building Systems

Since 2001, Jason has been teaching architectural design and collaborating on various research projects exploring the potential of responsiveness in physical environments, building performance, energy gradients and dynamic simulation. The majority of these ventures have focused on investigating the dynamic interplay between energy cycles and form in a range of environments, and at a range of scales. Jason runs the Future Cities Lab.

Jason Johnson

Cutting Edge Building Systems, Robotic Material Systems, Sensor Networks

Preston is a software developer and motion graphics designer with over eight years of professional experience developing bleeding edge user interfaces and interactive designs for the biggest brands in advertising and product design. Preston’s specialities include Actionscript, Javascript, HTML4/5, jQuery, CSS, XAML and WPF. Flash, After Effects, Photoshop and Microsoft Blend.

Preston GoForth

Software Development, Software Planning, HTML 5 Expert

Jod has more than 12 years of extensive experience in interactive media at major networks, publications, agencies and start-ups. With a strong belief that well-designed experiences have the user in mind at their core, Jod has shown that both aspiration and pragmatism are the key ingredients to launching and growing successful products.

Jod Kaftan

User Experience, Information Architecture, Software Planning

Roger has worked for the the top marketing companies in the world, Digitas, Grey, Conde Nast and Ogilvy & Mather, on some of the most challenging and successful advertising campaigns in the world. His work includes campaigns for Comcast, Diageo, P&G, 3M, Mercedes Benz, Audi, LVMH brands, and LL Bean. You can see some of his work at Imperial Trading Co.

Roger Wong

Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Commercials, Advertising

Joshua is a researcher and educator with nearly 20 years of experience and expertise in advanced geometries, agent-based models and performance analysis software. Taron is the Principal of Synthetiques, an award-winning research+design+build outfit focusing on the hybrid ecologies afforded through the interface of computational and physical economies across multiple scales.

Josh Taron

Architecture, Product Design, Strategy, Advanced 3d Modeling

Fred is a designer, writer, and educator and co-founded The Working Group on Adaptive Systems in 2008. He believes that the fuzzy, complicated, and exciting problems of the contemporary city are best met by diverse professionals with a flexible and transdisciplinary approach. His award winning art and design work has been exhibited internationally, and his writing and research have been published in venues like Domus, CRIT, Сноб, and Interactions Magazine.

Fred Scharmen

Art, Architecture, Urban Design, Strategic Planning