Marriott Global Digital Vision

Reimagine the customer experience across all digital platforms


Client: Marriott International

Focus: Concept, UX, UI, Creative Direction, Design, Design Strategy, Custom Fabrication, Prototyping, Design Leadership

Project Summary

Over four years, Miles worked closely with UX leadership to lead over 40 strategic and tactical projects to reimagine the customer experience across all digital touchpoints and services.

Notable projects included creating and launching the new mobile app (#19 travel, 4.9 stars, 545,600 reviews), a new property website platform for 7000+ hotels (30 brands), standardizing the user experience across multiple loyalty programs, redesigning including optimizing the booking engine (25% increase YoY, $10-20Bn in 4 years), streamlining the design process across 10+ teams, leading 350+ qualitative customer interviews, and creating two new design systems for 30 brands.

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