H&P Mobile Logistics platform

A new personal tool to manage all work


Client: Helmerich & Payne

Services: Digital Strategy, UX, UI, Creative Direction, Design Leadership, User Research, Application Development

The Challenge

Helmerich & Payne is one of the biggest drilling companies in the United States. H&P has unique drilling technology that allows the company to function at an unprecedented speed 365 days a year. To enable the company to work more effectively, they wanted to create a new mobile logistics platform that would make it easy for associates across roles to accomplish their individual duties and collaborate with others.

The Approach

We worked closely with the internal leadership team to plan the project and create a new design approach built around using in-going feedback from associates to drive innovation and guide critical decisions. Early on, we created an on-going research track where we flew around the country to drilling rigs every month. At the beginning of the project, we met with different associates to understand their needs, watch their behavior, and identify their pain points. We used these valuable insights to drive the initial design decisions and underlying functionality in the new software system. Every month, we would take the latest designs and software prototypes out into the field to gain additional feedback and improve the product.

The Outcome

We created the overall vision and an initial clickable prototype and validated the work with multiple rounds of research in less than six months. We also built the entire front-end of the application and hooked it up to existing data points and systems. The overall project included imagining both the overall framework for the application as well as re-imaging the three core areas of the application that the rigs use to manage inventory, maintenance, and procurement. After we created the initial product and launched with two pilots, we created an overall strategy for the company demonstrating how the new design system could scale to other user groups and systems company-wide

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