Made By US Platform & Social Media

Aspirational online product and social media feed


Client: Made By Us

Services: Digital Strategy, UX, UI, Creative Direction, Design Leadership, User Research

Project Summary

Envision their first social product and overall social media presence.

The Challenge

Made by Us is a new company and collective of institutions built around the shared goal of using history as a catalyst to inspire people to be active contributors in the positive transformation of the culture of the United States. They are history and civics organizations collaborating across the country. Made by Us planned to launch its new brand in the spring of 2020 with the launch of a new social product, company website, and social media presence. After working with another agency, they hired M Digital to create a fresh vision for their new social product and social media feed.

The Approach

For this project to be a success, it was essential to create a unique brand look-and-feel that would resonate with both the public audience and all of the university partners. We worked closely with the Made By Us team to define the goals of the project and to experiment with different visual directions early on. After rallying around a handmade aesthetic that built off their existing logo, our team created the user experience vision for their first product and visual direction (with templates) for their social media launch.

The Outcome

The My Wish For U.S. social platform enables Americans to discuss the future of America by adding wishes and explore the wishes of others. The new website makes it easy to enter your wish, share your wish on social media, and explore the wishes of other Americans using a wide range of geographic and tag-based searches. The bright interface gives some uniqueness to each wish while creating a fun, cohesive design.

The new Made By Us Facebook and Instagram social media feeds were launched in the spring of 2020 and were designed to embody the branding on the website while also showcasing real-time commentary and current events. As part of the launch, M Digital created the overall social media style guide and dozens of templates to make it easy for the social media manager to create daily posts.

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