Marriott Learning Platform

A smart learning platform for all brands


Client: Marriott International

Services: Digital Strategy, UX, UI, Creative Direction, Design Leadership, User Research

Project Summary

Design a new learning platform that supports training for 1 million associates globally.

The Challenge

Marriott International employs almost one million associates worldwide, all of whom need to be trained when joining the company or moving to a new position. Career development paths are a key feature of Marriott’s retention strategy, and training is integral to this.

Here are some of the challenges the company was facing:

  • Training was provided through multiple platforms, which was confusing to associates and expensive to maintain. 
  • Training new associates can take between 5 to 10 days, during which trainees could not perform their job duties. We asked: How might we make training more efficient and effective?
  • Associates wanted learning tools that enabled them to take charge of their own career development
  • General managers must ensure that their associates complete their required training on time in order to comply with Marriott’s quality standards. They needed a better way to keep tabs on training activity and manage their compliance.

The Approach

We interviewed 24 associates to understand their unique approaches to career advancement, what factors contributed to their advancement, and what type of training helped them the most.

We then aggregated our findings in a  “journey map” that visually mapped associate promotion paths, including the lateral moves they made to gain requisite knowledge and skills. Creating this visualization enabled the Marriott Learning Leadership team to identify associate’s essential training needs and to prioritize the elements of our phase one training solution.

We defined three learning stages -- Ramp-up, Grow + Deepen, and Grow + Expand -- and then developed and tested potential solutions for each. Initial solutions were high-level illustrations which then evolved into high-fidelity interactive prototypes. We outlined a “product roadmap” based on the potential impact each solution could have on associates as well as core business needs and technical feasibility.

We conceptualized a training experience that is personalized for both associates that work at a hotel or at headquarters (Marriott Bonvoy). Our new design elements became the foundation for a new Learning + Development design system that can be used to ensure a consistent experience for associates and hasten the development process.

The Outcome

Our new centralized training platform enabled associates to understand all training opportunities provided by the company and how they can best leverage these to advance.

Hotel managers were able to communicate the required training and track completion rates more efficiently.

The Learning + Development team can launch training programs faster, which has been especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, e.g., the rollout of new hotel cleaning processes.

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