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Design Strategy
Design Discovery
User Research
Vision Concepts
Rapid Prototyping
Customer Validation
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Product & Service Design (UX/UI)
User Research
Functional Design (UX)
Visual Design (UI)
Campaigns & Social Media
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Design Systems
Component Design
Design Libraries
Rollout & Day-to-day
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Design Process
Budget Planning
Roadmaps & Launch Strategies
Team/Culture Building
Design Training

Design Strategy

Design strategy is about bridging the gap from design to business, and we've worked on design strategy projects, for more than 30 companies, over the last ten years. This work aims to understand business goals, intended audience, market positioning, customer insights, pain points, opportunities, and create a vision for a product or service that directly addresses customers' needs.
Design Discovery1/5
We recommend starting new projects with a design discovery phase where we spend 6-12 weeks understanding business goals, talking with customers, and translating insights into a vision prototype.
User Research2/5
For all projects, Variate conducts qualitative and quantitative user research to understand customer behavior, pain points, opportunities, and industry benchmarks that can inform a project's success.
Vision Concepts3/5
Together, we explore and prioritize creative concepts that directly delightfully address customer needs.
Rapid Prototyping4/5
We create functional prototypes to align team members around a shared vision for the future. Using an iterative approach, we seek feedback from stakeholders and update the prototype to address subject matter expertise.
After creating an initial vision prototype, we test the new product or service with its intended audience. We update the initial prototypes using real-time feedback from research.

Product & Service Design

Using a human-centric approach, Variate has worked on 150+ design projects over the last ten years for a wide range of partners spanning enterprise, commercial, governments, and startups. With a wide range of experience and a deep pool of talent, we have the skills and expertise to create amazing user experiences that delight customers.
User Research1/5
For all projects, we integrate a consistent user research approach to inform our design process. For every project, we talk with customers every month to review the latest future prototypes and live software.
Functional Design (UX)2/5
As Louis Sullivan famously said, "Form follow function." We couldn't agree more. We build our designs around the functionality that directly addresses the needs of our customers.
Visual Design (UI)3/5
It has to be beautiful AND 508/WCAG 2.1 compliant. We understand how to design beautiful experiences that meet all of the legal needs of our partners. We care about helping people and go the extra mile to ensure that all of our designs work well for all of our customers.
Throughout the design phase of all projects, we build interactive prototypes to exemplify the products to stakeholders, customers, and the development team. At any time, a team member can view the latest design across their devices.
Campaigns & Social Media5/5
It's not just about the product. A great product launches to the world with a great social media strategy and launch. We've helped dozens of companies launch their products with a robust social media presence.

Design Systems

We care about the future of all of our projects, and we go the extra mile to create the resources and tools for teams to update and maintain our designs. Over the last five years, we have designed and built the design systems for more than ten enterprise companies.
Component Design1/4
Using best practices and our experience, we plan and build pixel-perfect components for all of our designs.
Design Libraries2/4
We create cloud-based sharable design libraries that make it easy for all design team members to have the latest design components.
We have experience creating design standards teams for enterprise organizations and create governance models that make it easy for product designers to have the freedom they need to evolve their products with adhering to company-wide design policies.
Rollout & Day-to-day4/4
We've launched more than ten design systems with significant success. We know how to plan and launch design systems and optimize the day-to-day process the team uses to achieve longterm success.